We are Faro

Faro is an international holding formed by 12 companies with focus on carrying out projects around the world.

At Faro, we know that complex problems and processes arise as an idea goes on its way to realization. Our own path has taught us that in the unity of all disciplines and experiences comes strength. Therefore, we unify ourselves in a multifaceted platform that manages to make the complex into something simple, make the ideas possible, and make projects worth it.

Faro Holding

What we offer

The objective of each business unit is of a commercial nature, some BxB and others BxC, others have mixed proposals from services to products to the generation of technologies or platforms.  However, Faro's objective is holding, management and promoting, not limited to commercial activity.

Administration / Orientation / Control / Values and philosophy / Investment / Financing / Tax strategy / Structural strength / Brand strength / Promotion / Generation of new units and businesses

Business Units that
are part of Faro

External partners that
collaborate with the holding

Faro Holding

We generate a healthy environment of growth and stability, promoting new business in a collaborative way. As each company grows individually, we grow as a whole.

Our Values

Unity and

Each company has its independent business unit
but they are all part of a system.

and humanity

We do not believe in the opposition between
these two worlds, nevertheless that’s our field of work.


Being a holding and having experience around
the world allows us to see beyond.


We manage complex business, but speak in a clear language.

Core Team

Julieta Biasotti

Co-Founder & Partner

Juan Pablo Lasserre

Co-Founder & Partner

Pablo Romano


Diego Conejero

Co-Founder & Partner