Faro HoldingFaro Holding

Independent business units working in collaboration to offer integrated solutions according to the profile of each project.

Units Faro
  • Tango Films
  • Rujan
  • 80 Days Films
  • Dale!
  • Bang Bang
  • Gogi
  • Global MKT
  • LFIG
  • Arraial Trading Co.
  • Egeria Go

Why chooseFaro?

Think together

Enjoy the benefits of counting on multiple departments, such as an art, legal, fiscal, marketing, social network or even an artificial intelligence one.

Operate safely

Risk reduction and increase in profitability and the possibilities of doing business structurally.

Look beyond

Think and generate business collaboratively. Within our own business units (ecosystem), as well as together with external partners who actively participate with the holding (platform), it’s possible to make collaborative projects that would be hard in an isolated way.